Please only email on the dates below

FEBRUARY 1st AND 2nd (booking for March and April)

APRIL 1st AND 2nd (booking for May and June)

JUNE 1st AND 2nd (booking for July and August)​

AUGUST 1st AND 2nd (booking for September and October)​

OCTOBER 1st AND 2nd (booking for November and December)

Booking Info & Dates


  • To book an appointment, please email me only on the listed dates.

  • I make tattoos on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I prefer to only do one tattoo a day but can make exceptions if you’re traveling. 

  • I accept custom tattoos ideas, as well as predawn designs that are posted on my IG. From time to time I’m open to reinterpreting older designs that I’ve tattooed or painted. If that’s what you’re interested in, please send me ideas on how you might want to alter them along with your appointment request. 

  • I do not have an assistant and do all booking myself. If I don’t get back to your email promptly please understand. Also if you do not include all pertinent information regarding your tattoo or request you most likely will not receive a reply. 

  • All travel dates will be posted on my Instagram and on this website. Any travel questions most likely will not be answered. 

  • I take a $100 nonrefundable deposit for all tattoos. If you let me know at least 48hrs in advance I have no problem rescheduling once. ​

  • I charge $250 an hour for all tattoos. Most predawn stuff takes me roughly 2-3 hours. 

Thank you all for your patience and continued love and support!


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