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Pray for Your Enemies

Greetings friends. . Last week I was fortunate enough to make tattoos at Elm Fest in Dallas, TX alongside some of the greats. I had not traveled to tattoo in two years, I honestly didn't think I'd be at any more conventions. It so happens that I was born in Dallas and had not been back since I was three months old. Everything about the weekend felt very synchronistic. One moment that stuck out was another tattooer telling me about a co worker taking advantage of them. He gave them a warning and it was ignored. He had told the other guy, that if he stole from him again there would be a big problem. When he stole again, this tattooer was about to smash him for being a thief. He then tells me that instead of pummeling this person, he decided to pray for them. It was so out of left field it really hit me. I've recently had unstoppable day dreams about doing psychical harm to someone who has "wronged" me. I've been practicing to instead pray for them. So when he told me this story is felt very surreal. I then looked at the time and of coarse it was 11:11. Sending healing thoughts to your enemies will set you free. The whole weekend was packed with such instances. I got the meet people like Tim Beck, Heath Nock, Oliver Peck, Jill Bonny, Tim Lehi, Greg Christian, Forrest Cavacco and so many others. Deep Elum was my type of place. Good food and art but it's still very much in the cut. The last night there was a dice game for $15k. 50 people with a $300 buy in. I rolled second and got a 4-5-6 right away! Watched about half the people lose, then two of my buddies rolled the same as I did. I then rolled again and lost, but it was incredible to watch my friend get it! I'm incredibly appreciative to Oliver for inviting me, for all the people who got tattooed and bought merch, and to all the tattooers there for being pillars in our craft. I will be back soon Dallas! I made a list of places I'd like to visit this year or early 2023, so keep an eye out for Me near U. All my Love goes out to you people, especially the haters ; )

Truly Yours,

Christopher Scott

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Vēñzıø (BIGV1NN)
Vēñzıø (BIGV1NN)
04 de dez. de 2022

Would LOVE to see more blog posts man, I know you limit your social media presence but I really enjoy the blogs!

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