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Digital Psychedelic Dreamspace

Hello friends. Heavy energy in the Online World right now. Things feel very strange. A big change perhaps. I've been working on a lot of things all at once like usual. I similarly have to read multiple books at a time to stay engaged with each of them. Besides tattooing NFT's have obviously been the focus of a lot of my attention. I'm always weary of technology and seem to float somewhere in the middle with how much tech I choose to implement into my life.

When I first heard about NFTs a year ago I was initially intrigued, then immediately lost interest due to the inaccessibility, and I still couldn't get a good grasp on what their function was other than a digital art file and perhaps a print. More recently I had a friend who was intensely interested in them and he was able to explain some key things, more pertaining to crypto wallets and I got me back into the idea. So over the last 2-3 months I've spent a great deal of time diving into the subject and into the Vast World of NFTs. I could write endlessly about WHAT they are for those who still don't fully understand (and what's fun is no one in the space fully grasps what they are because the sky is the limit at this point) but instead I'll simply explain why they ultimately became interesting to me. The bottom line is Community. I myself have been lacking in community the last few years and found that people are using NFTs as a way to build extremely interesting and sometimes extremely niche communities. If you're unaware, there was (or maybe still is I have no idea) a secret Playboy Club where you could only get in if you had a special key. Only members possessed said keys. A lot of people are using NFT's as the "key" to these communities of like minded people. I felt like a grandpa having to teach myself to use Discord and Twitter at 37 years of age (38 on the 10th!) but if it's one thing I've learned it helps to stay slightly ahead of the curve.

I started a group of said like minded people called the Cult of Mystics. if you'd like to see the advantages of joining. It's been incredibly fun so far. We're currently at 37 members and I'll probably cap it at 111.

The NFT/Web 3 Space to me feels like a mix of collective Dreams, technology, psychedelics, and Art. Add in the Wild West vibes that come with hackers and all the uncertainty of crypto and I'm pretty hooked. It feels like all the best parts of early 2000s internet but from a dream. That's "All" it is right? A dream.

I Love you all. I appreciate anyone who reads this, takes the time to look at my work, buys anything or gets tattooed. Without You there is no ME. Talk soon :)

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