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The Spring Equinox has finally come.

We’re still here. The Spring Equinox has finally come. The real start of the New Year. The time is now upon us for rebirth and to begin to tend to our inner gardens again. What will you be planting? For me the seeds I have chosen are of focus and stability. My life has always seemed to be in constant chaos. Which can be very beneficial and has been a great lesson unto its own. But I’d personally like to try and find more balance between chaos and stability.

I’ve been overjoyed to be able to spend more time outdoors and to be in the Sun again. My family and I recently acquired chickens and have started a garden. It’s been a few years since we’ve been able to have one. Working with the cold dirt brings me back to being a child.

I hope you are all finding time to regroup and cultivate your Inner Beings in these trying times. I do not watch the news or any TV for that matter, and still feel the pressure and insanity from the Beast that is society. The energy is so intense right now. I believe in the Earth. I believe in humanity. We all have two sides but can always choose to be in the middle and have compassion for both. Until next time. I wish you all peace and prosperity.

Christopher Scott

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