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Welcome to Electric Sabbath, Channeled by Christopher Scott

I hope this message finds you well. Another end to another year. Time seems to be accelerating . Winter is a perfect time to mimic nature and to rest. To spend extra quiet time in thought, dying to our old ways to kindle a new emergence come spring. I hope all of you are finding some time to be alone and to regather yourselves for another year. What a time it’s been.

Before the year is over I have two last new items to offer, as well as some mystery boxes. It’s been a while since I’ve had throw tapestries for sale. This new one is with my “Night Vision” image. It looks particularly interesting with the simpler image at such a big size. These throws are 54 inches wide by 72 inches tall, and are woven from 100% cotton in the USA. Before I started making these I tried three different companies and the ones I use were beyond comparison. Even when you get close up to the black it’s made out of a multitude of colors. They’re truly a piece of art. They can be used as tapestries or blankets. We have a few at our home we use as blankets and they’re quite comfortable.

The other item is 11x14 prints of “Giant

Dreams.” I’m keeping the original. I haven’t kept one of my own paintings for a long time and this one is pretty personal. If you missed it on Instagram, this was from a dream I had where I was a giant and found myself in a field made out of tiny humans. Everywhere I stepped I had no choice but to crush thousands of people at a time. In the painting I chose to depict humans solely as women because to me, a woman’s body is a symbol for the pure beauty we can encompass as humans. Above are some familiar Spirits who show up in my dreams from time to time. They also like to appear during hallucinations.

I've also decided it'd be fun to sell some mystery boxes that come with a shirt, hoodie, or blanket throw plus 1-2 prints, and some stickers. These are all leftover sizes and prints from previous merch drops, and is truly the last chance to get any of it. You pick the size, and we'll pick what you get. These are in super limited supply, once they're gone we likely won't do anything like this again for quite some time.

Hope that you enjoy the surprise as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

I recently purchased a new heavy duty fine art printer. In the near future I will be making some very limited large scale prints, as well as playing with a multitude of sizes and papers. Hopefully some fun stuff will come out of it. I’m booked until March and then I plan on taking a few months off to focus on some other projects. I’m always all over the place though so who knows. If I end up taking more appointments I will be offering them through here first. I wish you all the best in the New Year. I believe its going to be a tough one for all of us. But what you do with tough situations is up to you. We all have the potential to raise tall and come together. I believe that the "powers to be” want nothing more than for us to continue to focus on our differences. Imagine if we stopped, and only spoke of what we have in common. I love you all. Thank you again for being here. Thank you for making it possible for me to spread my thoughts and dreams. -Christopher

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